Saturday, November 17, 2007


I was doing my usual feed-catch-up and picked up this little test from Clay Burrell.

Here's my grade:

What can I say? Well, it turns out things are more complicated. At first, I double-checked with Juicy Studio's readability descriptions (thanks to Diane Cordell's blog); according to an analysis of my site's URL, it would seem that I'm consistently obfuscatory for those below a certain education level. So I wrote a long paragraph in defense of polysyllabic words and the idea that blogging should excuse one neither from exercising one's vocabulary nor from using proper grammar. I don't believe that I'm wrong about that, but I had to rethink the rest of this post when I noticed this link along the side of the Juicy page.

Recalculating my readability scores using my RSS feed, I score quite high on the Flesch Reading Ease scale, my Fog Index score aligns with Mark Twain's, and you only need to have spent 5 years in school to understand my writing. Whew! Guess I can keep those long words and complex sentence structures after all. Those of you who have been working only with your website's URL and not with your feed may want to recalculate if your results aren't satisfactory. Here's the new grade level:

What a relief!


Clay Burell said...

Hm. I re-did it with my feed and still write like a proud eighth-grader.

Think it has much to do also with number of tags/labels/categories for each post, and more.

Embraces and osculations,


Ms. Metaphor said...

CB - I suspect you're right. I had fun playing with the whole concept anyway.

Ms. M