Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Two Are Two!

Today, my boys turn two. They walk, talk, run, wrestle, snuggle, giggle, make up games, dance, and play music. They love trains, anything with wheels, and anything round. They love each other.

We hear things around the house: "One, two, nine, nine." "I dunnooo! Crocodile!" There is a running commentary on everything around them as we walk, drive, stroller around town: "two blue car!" "cement mixer! loud!". It is always at high volume, shouted in case we can't hear. Or maybe it's shouted from excitement. If the first year of having twins is about survival, the theme of the second year seems to have been wonder and delight. I am amazed every single day by their persistence, creativity, and curiosity.

These are "lawnmowers," also known as leaf blowers. The sunglasses are sometimes optional. The sound effects are not.

This year, I've had to keep relearning that my agenda means little, whether it's my plan to grade papers during a nap or my hope to get out of the house quickly after a nap. I've had to learn how to help resolve conflicts without over-interfering, and I'm learning techniques for connecting with both kids simultaneously to ward off a post-nap tantrum—and my agenda then begins to be achievable. I've had to learn how to say "I'm overwhelmed, and I'm taking a break" both to my kids and to myself. I've learned more about the beauty of repetition, the importance of routine, the freedom to be found in limits.

Yes, he knows where the edge is. No, he's never fallen off.

Every parent has to learn these things. With twins, that learning comes fast and furious. I have two amazing, adorable, enthusiastic teachers.

Here's to another year of learning!