Friday, May 27, 2011

The things people say

Being a mother of twins has its plusses and minuses.

Plus: two cute faces to look at. Double the smiles. Only one pregnancy.

Minus: Double the crying babies. Double the diapers. Not enough arms.

Plus: People LOVE twins. I hear a lot of "oh look! twins!". I get a lot of nice people telling me that they have twins, are twins, wish they had twins, etc.

Minus: People say crazy things to mothers of twins. My favorites so far:

"Double trouble--uh oh, boys, too! You're in serious trouble!"
"Your life is over now."
"You must feel so lucky" (with sarcastic intonation).

I could go on, but all the variations on the same theme are not really that interesting to me. My new response is to thank them for their kinds words, tell them I do feel really lucky, and then move quickly away. I do feel lucky.

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