Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In the Park

Today I walked with my Advanced Comp students to Golden Gate Park. We walked in silence for the first 20 minutes, then chatted as we walked back. There's something freeing about being outside of the classroom and not expecting something specific to come out of the experience. I hope my students felt the same way. I love walking in silence with teens; so much of their time is spent talking and listening to music that it can be good for them to just stop the noise and tune into themselves. I know some of them broke the silence early, but for a few minutes at least we were all in the same place.

Usually, when I'm in a park these days it's with my babies. I'm making sure they don't eat rocks and leaves, providing a climbing surface, and running after them as they crawl in opposite directions. I saw all the parents and nannies at the park with their charges and wished that my boys were with me and I was watching them play in the sandbox. I wanted to raise my hand and say: "I'm a parent, too! I have twin boys! I love them! Yeah, I know you think I have my hands full with twins. That's ok with me." Instead, I smiled as I watched two girls from my class swing high, and watched the boys from my class sit and enjoy the shade. I guess I did have kids with me.


c & b said...

How lucky that you work close enough to GGP to take your class there for an impromptu walk/reflection.

Larissa said...

Thanks! I feel lucky, too. The walk was very much planned as part of the class. It's good to get away from campus sometimes :)