Sunday, July 1, 2012


For years, we have battled the blackberries in our yard.

Last year, we gave in and decided to let a few canes grow on a support. We had a lot of berries. This year, there have been ripe berries every day all month. Every time we're in the yard, we collect a few.

After his nap this afternoon, I asked Dash if he wanted anything to eat before we left for the park. "Bewwies! Bewwies!" was the reply.

So I went out and picked some.

The canes of the blackberry bush prick and scrape as I harvest the ripe fruits, leaving aside the less-ripe berries for tomorrow. Some berries burst as I pluck them; I think of Plath, juices squandered on my fingers.

It is hot in the bright gray yard. I can hear "bewwies! bewwies!" echoing from above.

I go back up, berry-bearing.

There is a feast. Rapid and ecstatic. In less than two minutes, the berries are gone.

Nick thinks of Plath, too.

They ask for more. Once more I venture out, scratching my fingers on the canes, listening to squeals from inside.

The seconds are met with less enthusiasm, but not without joy. We still have berries left over.

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