Thursday, April 2, 2015

On Winter, Spring, and Time

Time. So much has passed since I started writing a long post. Not that one I tossed out in February; the last one where I teased out ideas, turned them around, gave them shape. This sin't going to be a long one, either. It's a way of marking time, for now.

Dash has gotten into photography lately. Here'a photo of something I can't remember the name of. 

We've been making our usual kinds of messes. Not sure why all the books needed to be pulled off the shelf, but it was very urgent at the time.

We've been going for walks.


Exploring the snow. Winter this year felt LONG. Days and days of being stuck in the house with cranky kids, sometimes no power, not enough to do, and nowhere to go. We went out anyway. I'm still waiting for the day when my kids willingly go play in the snow, coming in only for hot cocoa and hugs.

And now, it's April, and we're watching things grow.

New things are growing under the earth; time will bring them to light. I love the sense of untapped potential that rides on the fresh green air of spring. Not everything bursts out of the ground with the crocuses. Some things take more time and sun and rain to reveal themselves. I'm waiting, maybe not so patiently. But watching the unfolding is delightful.

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